Translation into 10 languages of the website for this start-up specialized in connected objects. Each idea is brilliant and on the road to success: the personal Weather Station, the Thermostat for smartphone, and June, a bracelet that measures exposure to the sun in real time.

Languages : dutch, english, italian, japanese, polish, portuguese, spanish, swedish


Update and complete revision of several thousand words / SEO in 6 languages for the online store of the world's most famous automotive brand. All the products, clothes, fragrances, accessories and collector's items for children and fans of the prancing horse.

Languages : french, german, italian, japanese, russian, spanish


Translation from English into 20 languages of the Japanese automaker's European website. Nissan presents its entire range of innovative vehicles, from compact city cars to amped-up crossovers, utility vehicles and supercharged sports cars.

Languages : danish, estonian, finnish, flemish, french, german, hungarian, italian, spanish


Translation of Forum Vies Mobiles, a forum for research and discussion that explores the mobility solutions of the future. Forum Vies Mobiles takes a creative approach to comparing different perspectives on the new relations that are emerging between lifestyles and regions through physical and virtual forms of communication. Its goal is to conceive what the future could potentially hold.

Languages : english, french


Interpreting in 6 languages for over two months at the "Cartier: Style and History" exhibition organised by Réunion des musées nationaux (RMN). Over 600 pieces of jewellery were exhibited in the sumptuous setting of the Grand Palais, retracing the history of Cartier from 1847 to 1970.

Languages : italian, russian, spanish


Subtitling in 3 languages of the corporate video presenting Saudi Aramco, the Saudi national oil company. Saudi Aramco holds nearly all the hydrocarbon resources in the kingdom, making it the world's top oil company in terms of reserves and production. The central theme of the video is how to prepare for the future and grow from being an oil and gas specialist to become an energy and chemicals heavyweight.

Languages : chinese, japanese, korean

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