Our subtitling expertise

Our subtitling expertise


Our approach

A rigorous four-step methodology

1 – Spotting
Transcribing the dialogue and setting timecodes for the start and end of each subtitle in the video.

2 – The actual translation
Writing skill is key to subtitle translation, because in addition to the normal difficulties of translation, the technical constraints listed above require us to be very concise and crystal clear, as each subtitle is only displayed for a short amount of time. The entire translation must be faithful to the original—level of language, plot subtleties, stylistic nuances, etc.—while remaining consistent in terms of the terminology used and the passage of events in time.

3 – Simulation
In this crucial step for the quality of the end product, the project manager watches the subtitled video and makes any final corrections needed: adjusting the placement of the subtitles, re-writing subtitles that are too long, splitting subtitles if necessary, etc.

4 – Hard-subbing
Permanently embedding the subtitles in the video.



Testing and selecting the best subtitlers. Identifying, to give one example, the US-based subtitler with the most in-depth automotive knowledge to subtitle videos on the various auto shows held worldwide. Evaluating the various software on the market and selecting the most effective program. Providing in-house training to all our project managers so that they can juggle between different formats and surmount technical hurdles.
Sémantis has applied the same methodology and exacting standards of its other services to subtitling, in order to provide our clients with the high-quality end product, peace of mind and genuine added value that the agency is known for. By entrusting their regular translation agency with new types of content, our clients ensure perfect consistency throughout their communication, in both form and substance (in terms of terminology, in particular).


Our international network

We have built a network of experts from a variety of backgrounds, enabling us to meet a wide array of challenges. We spring into action and quickly reach out to our network to produce tangible results with real added value—a guarantee for our clients that they will stand out from the competition, communicate better and improve their image.

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Sémantis works on a daily basis in the 50 languages most commonly used in the world of business.

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